Arup: testing natural insulation

LORAPIM project (locally ressourced and processed insulation materials for emerging economies) is the result of the collaboration between TAMassociati and ARUP.

The overall project aim is to provide an open source guidance for safe, healthy and performing insulation materials that are sourced and processed locally in emerging countries.

In order to do that, the project is divided in different stages.
Stage 1 consisted of a systematic research on resources in different climate zones and potential processes with identification of high potential solutions suitable for implementation.
This work focuses on Stage 2, making and characterizing some of the solutions proposed in Stage 1 and apply them on the Pilot Project.

The Pilot Project selected was a cultural house in Keur Bakar, Senegal, a project from the TAMassociati. The solutions selected are based on the traditional Senegalese rammed earth bricks, but with geometrical modifications and including additives in the mix to enhance their thermal performance.

  • Place: Keur Bakar DihaitĂ©, Senegal
    Status: on going
    Design: TAMassociati + Arup