Public Lecture at BIF – UIUC Illinois
ENACTUS Program 2014

Massimo Lepore – tamassociati design presents his recent works at Enactus Program 2014
BIF – School of Business and Economics – UIUC Illinois.

Focus is how design can add value to Enactus mission, and leverage strategic resources for the many social programs to be delivered in emerging countries by the Enactus teams.

Opening words of the Massimo Lepore lecture:

“Good evening,

I’m glad to be here talking to this audience, because we share the same mission:
– how to improve society,
how to strengthen local communities.

when I come to my work, I can say we try we achieve this mission with good design practice:
and very simply we call this “impact design”.

my aim tonight is:
to demonstrate how impact design turns to be an important leverage to enforce your programs;

my goal tonight is:
to make you consider impact design as a potential and extraordinary resource for all of your projects.”