about TAMassociati

taking care in architecture

Design and research
for a positive impact

TAMassociati is a team of architects and researchers, whose building solutions worldwide improve lives, strengthen communities and provide creative responses to climate change: combining high quality with affordability.
The firm’s design ethos can be summed up as:
Innovative design for Impact.
Internationally, TAMassociati works on sustainable and socially equitable architecture.


Sustainable development / Building resilience / Healthcare programmes and projects


Accessible and inclusive environments / Adaptive and resilient architecture / Smart and future proof cities / Building information modeling (BIM) / Communication for social change


TAKING CARE is a vision of architecture as service to the community; in taking care of people and places, principles and resources, architecture makes a difference.

We are thinking of architecture in the service of common goods and capable of increasing the human social and environmental capital, while curbing marginalization and exclusion.


TAMassociati provides consultants from masterplan design to construction details, offering qualified care to environmental and social issues. On each project we promote participatory planning.

Our focus is in finding innovative solutions for architecture of the 21th century. Rethinking the potential of “simplicity” is our vision of the future.


Our main work and research fields are:
• Impact Design
• Smart Climate Design
• Healthcare Design
• International cooperation



Main Awards

TAM has won widespread recognition and numerous prizes:
> LafargeHolcim Awards Acknowledgement prize 2017, Middle East Africa 
> Curatorial Team
Italian Pavilion at the Biennale Architettura 2016
> Italian architects of the year 2014
> Zumtobel Group Award 2014
> Curry Stone Design Prize 2013
> Aga Khan
Award for Architecture, 2013
> Capocchin-G.Ius Gold Medal 2013
> Middle East Architect Awards 2010
> Smart future minds award 2010
> Detail Prize 2009
> The Architecture Review Award for Emerging Architecture (UK) 2008

Story and Team

TAM was born in Venice as an architectural research group since the late 1980s, within the Utopica European Architects Network Association. TAM works as a design firm since 1996, with the headquarter in Venice and offices in Trieste and Paris.

TAMassociati team:
Massimo Lepore, Raul Pantaleo, Simone Sfriso: cofounders senior partners
Laura Candelpergher, Enrico Vianello: junior partners


Federico Alcaro, Gloria Bazzoni, Agnese Chittaro, Valentina Milan, Elisa Scattolin: architects; Elisabetta Facchinetti, Marta Gerardi, Emanuela Not: graphic design; Ferdinando Crespi: media relation.


Agrisophia Progetti – Landscape design
Arup – Urban Design
Marcello Chiarenza – Artistic consultancy
Vladimir Djurovic – Landscape Architecture
Dario D’Orazio e Luca Barbaresi UniBo – Acoustics
Franco Giorgetta – Landscape Design
Golder Member of WSP – Environmental Impact Assessment
Hangar Design Group – Interior Design
LC&Partners – Project Management and Engineering
K&G Progetti – MEP engineering
Climosfera – MEP engineering
Andrea Mariotto – Participatory processes
Milan Ingegneria – Structural engineering
Sa_Partners – Urban Design
Studio Forghieri – Computing and cost management
Studio Marino – Construction supervision and Site safety
Tekser – MEP engineering