TAMassociati Designs for Sustainability & Water Recycling in Senegal

In this video, architectural firm TAMassociati uses impact design to improve lives in the Keur Bakar Village of Senegal. Their work designing and building an Eco-village and Community House – both self-reliant for all electricity, water, and water treatment needs – can also serve as a model for sustainable design, sustainability and water recycling worldwide.

About TAMassociati:
Italian design studio TAMassociati focuses on sustainable architecture, urban planning, landscape design, participatory processes, graphic design, and social communications. In addition to building award-winning health care facilities in Africa, the firm actively researches co-housing, accessibility, and green/sustainable design. Learn more: http://www.autodesk.org/stories/tamas…

About Autodesk Foundation:
The Autodesk Foundation invests exclusively in the most impactful people and organizations like TAMassociate who are using design to create a better world. Learn more: http://www.autodesk.org