A new graphic novel on climate change

“We wonder if a comic book will succeed where graphs and tables have failed… let’s hope so”.

With this spirit we have collaborated in the drafting of “Il grande squilibrio – l’emergenza climatica raccontata a fumetti”, a collective work that aims to highlight the contradictions between words and actions in tackling the climate crisis, and calls for a radical rethinking of the myth of infinite growth.

«We were wrong, the situation is worse than we had previously predicted. It is the substance of what is written in the latest report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). The rate of growth of the planet’s average surface temperature is greater than what we had previously estimated. ”
Angelo Tartaglia

Title: Il grande squilibrio. L’emergenza climatica raccontata a fumetti
Authors: Controsservatorio Val Susa, Claudia Ceretto, Max Gavagna, Angelo Tartaglia, Tamassociati (Marta Gerardi – Raul Pantaleo). Preface by Luca Mercalli
ISBN: 9788833142036