TAMassociati’s game “GiocoLaguna and Laguna Big Game” at the ‘Serious Fun. Architecture & Games’ exhibition – Vienna

Do you also think architecture can be “Serious Fun”? The Architecturzentrum Wien is hosting an exhibition in Vienna (ending Sept. 5, 2022) that displays and examines architecture games and toys, which can be immersive tools to experience design.

Among these, our Giocolaguna and the videogame Laguna Big Game, promoted by the Municipality of Venice in 2003 and 2004. They were part of a series of initiatives aimed at increasing knowledge of the lagoon and spreading awareness of the issues of the ‘wave motion’ phenomenon caused by motor boats high-speed navigation and the damage it causes to the lagoon ecosystem and the city’s built heritage.
The two games develop as a journey through canals, palaces and islands, discovering the Venice lagoon and its inhabitants.

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