A healthcare residence for the elderly as a continuous garden

Assignment: Architectural design for a healthcare residence for the elderly
Services: Concept design, 3rd prize in Design Competition

The idea of housing (not hosting) is behind our design of a healthcare residence for the elderly in Rovereto, as a social design open to the surrounding community.

The project, which won the 3d prize in the design competition, involves the construction of a new healthcare facility that will house 5 residential units with 117 beds. Other spaces include an assessment and therapy area, an administrative and logistics area for 110 employees and a complex system of social spaces.

Main features

We designed this healthcare residence towards the needs and wellbeing of guests, their families, workers and the community along the following lines:

A sober simplicity. The building consists of two rational and pragmatic buildings inspired by the environmental and historic local context;

A village-like building. The complex rises as a friendly building that blends in with the surroundings, also due to its compact shape and low height. The ground floor mimics a city square with shops, activities and connects to the continuous garden.

A homelike feeling. Each living space is designed to minimize the “hospital effect” and includes living rooms, reading areas, dining areas, and a winter garden. The rooms are customizable with personal decorative objects and wallpapers, and are connected to green spaces.

A continuous garden. The ground floor includes a continuous pathway of about 400 m, with places for socializing, sensory and vegetable gardens, to make walking a familiar activity. Moreover, all green areas in the complex follow the principles of biophilic design and the health benefits it brings, such as increased psychological well-being.

A climate-adaptive building. We designed the complex as an organism capable of adapting to the changing climate. Its orientation maximizes the use of wind and sun for natural ventilation, light and renewable energy production.

Technical solutions adopted

As regards environmental sustainability, we have adopted several technical solutions. These include:

  • low CO2 emission materials and where possible, use of locally produced materials
  • NZEB building design
  • Optimization of orientation for building passivity
  • High microclimatic comfort index through internal and external green spaces
  • Renewable energy production through mini-wind turbines and double-sided solar panels
  • Water reuse and recycling system
  • Mitigation of heat island effect through green areas and drainage pavements
  • Urban drainage system (rain gardens).

  • Place: Rovereto, Trento, Italy
    Client: Azienda Pubblica di Servizi alla Persona “Clementino Vannetti
    Status: Design Competition, 3rd prize
    Design: TAMassociati
    Team: Buro Milan (Structural engineering) Climosfera srl (MEP), Agrisophia Progetti (Landscape)