Building in African countries with 3D printing

Could the 3D printing technology be an answer to the growing housing demand in Africa?

The general goal of this project is to develop a new building system through 3D printing technology for housing modules, combining knowledge of local building techniques and innovation.

The final goal of the research is the realization of a pediatric clinic prototype in an fragility area in collaboration with EMERGENCY ngo.

The clinic will be built in an African country (Uganda or Sudan), as an example of a critical area, to verify the functioning and efficiency of the printing system.

Furthermore, the prototype will be built with the help of local labor and local businesses. The training and transmission of knowledge on the technical aspects of 3D printing will be important. The proposed prototype, of these clinics, is a one storey building with 5 OPD room, a ward (2 beds), a pharmacy and service spaces. The shape is linked to the printing technique used, which creates a modular building.

Current practices for 3D printing buildings do not have easy to use or adopt techniques for printing horizontal structures like floors and roofs.

  • Design: TAMassociati
    Consultants: Engineering for Change; Mortenson Center in Global Engineering - University of Colorado; ICTP SciFabLab and Debora Buccino
    Autodesk Technology Impact Program