Casa Emergency: the new headquarters in Milan

CASA EMERGENCY is located in a former disused school, whose spaces have been redeployed by the City with a public call and transformed by EMERGENCY into a new headquarters also open to the citizens.
CASA EMERGENCY is the new home, and beyond. Through public meetings, debates, exhibitions, CASA EMERGENCY will be an open space for the city to promote a culture of peace and rights.



  • Place: Milan, Italy
    Client: Emergency ong onlus
    Status: completed in 2017
    Design: TAMassociati, Emergency building and technical division
    Consultants: Francesco Steffinlongo, K&G progetti, Team Engineering srl, Vasco Gatti, STS Engineering, Ing. Massimiliano De Rose, Ing. Alessandro De Giorgi, Arch. Roberto Moratti
    Photo: Marcello Bonfanti