Children’s Surgical Hospital with Renzo Piano

The new Children’s Surgical Hospital in Uganda has begun clinical activities: a project by Renzo Piano Building Workshop & TAMassociati

TAMassociati with Renzo Piano Building Workshop designed together a new Centre of excellence for Paediatric Surgery  in Uganda, at Lake Victoria, 35 kilometers from the capital, Kampala.

The Emergency ngo Children’s Surgical Hospital has 72 ward beds, 3 operating theatres and all the diagnostic and ancillary services needed to run it, such as a laboratory, blood bank, pharmacy, canteen, and laundry.
A strong sustainable approach in design choices: load-bearing walls with the rammed earth technique and a roof made from a suspended canopy structure supporting 3,700 square metres of photovoltaic panels.


  • Place: Entebbe, Uganda
    Client: Emergency
    Status: realized
    Design: Renzo Piano Building Workshop & TAMassociati
    with EMERGENCY NGO - Building and Technical Division and Milan ingegneria
    Ph. Emmanuel Museruka – Malaika Media