The right to water: open-source project for ecovillages

H2OS is an eco-village project in Africa. Against desertification, school dropouts, emigration. It will be open-source, autonomous and sustainable.

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TAMssociati has inaugurated the ‘eco-maison’, the first lot of the H2OS project, which plans construction of an eco-village in Senegal (at Keur Bakar, 200 km from Dakar) consisting of common spaces and housing modules self-supporting in energy and water in an area where desertification is inexorably spreading.
It is an open-source pilot project, replicable, adaptable and perfectible elsewhere. The H2OS architectural and technological project is conceived and developed by TAMassociati.

  • Place: Keur Bakar Diahité, Senegal
    Client: Village of Keur Bakar Diahité
    Status: first lot "eco maison" completed in 2017
    Design: TAMassociati
    Partners: Circolo Sunugal APS Venice, MUSOCO onlus Mutalità, Solidarietà e Cooperazione, “Union pour la Solidarité et l’Entraide (USE)
    Consultants: Francesco Steffinlongo, K&G Progetti