Healing garden in the desert


Zumtobel Group Award 2014, winning project;

Giancarlo lus Gold Medal 2013, winning project.


The paediatric health care centre is located in a suburb of the seaside town of Port Sudan. One-storey building, including 3 outpatients clinics, a 14 bed hospitalization ward, a 4 bed sub-intensive care ward, a dispensary, spaces for diagnostic exams and service areas. The hospital is designed as the core of a “square / garden”, a public place to socialize, to play football, to organize the market activities.

  • Place: Port Sudan, Sudan
    Client: Emergency ong onlus
    Status: completed in 2012
    Design: TAMassociati, Emergency building and technical division
    Consultants: Climosfera srl (mechanical/services engineering), INGECO srl (structural engineering), Roberto Crestan (site engineering)
    Photo: Massimo Grimaldi