Legoli Civic-Digital Hub

Assignment: Architectural desgn for the enhancement of the historical centre of Legoli – Redevelopment of the former Fattoria Villa Susinno and its annexes
Services: Technical-economic feasibility design, preliminary design, detailed design

The redevelopment of the eighteenth-century Villa Susinno in the town of Legoli was the result of a design competition by the Municipality of Peccioli. Our aim was to create a new multifunctional, sustainable space for the local community, integrated with the historic centre and the surrounding nature, the Legoli Civic-Digital Hub.

Main features

To transform the former Villa into a modern and purposeful place of sociality, we focused on three main features:

Creation of a digital hub. This will house projects related to digital regeneration, research into the physical impact and the ecological disposal of digital waste, and civic and cultural activities for the residents.

Scala Architettonica Project. The renovated building will have three levels, which will be serve as a digital hub, exhibition space and co-working space. The technical solutions adopted are based on the concepts of structural safety, environmental sustainability and ease of maintenance.

Scala Urbana Project. The surrounding public spaces will be renovated to improve their livability for residents. The street running through the town will become a linear square with a slow traffic flow for events and social interaction. The existing perimeter fence will be transformed into a civic square that will connect to the Civic-Digital Lab and its garden, which will become a new collective green space.

Environmental sustainability

The sustainability of the Legoli Civic-Digital Hub consists of a 360-degree approach, including

  • A design that minimises emissions and energy loss, qualifying as a near-zero energy building (NZEB).
  • Use of recycled materials with low CO2 emissions, where possible of local origin.
  • Renewable energy generated by solar panels.
  • Sustainable management of water resources, including the reuse of rainwater.
  • Mitigation of heat island effect with green systems and drainage paving.

The Legoli Civic-Digital Lab includes public outdoor spaces, meeting rooms, a small public swimming pool, and an open hub for researchers, artists, students and visitors. The result is a multi-purpose place of sociality for the local community, as well as a contemporary art centre for global visitors.

  • Place: Peccioli, Pisa, Italy
    Client: Municipality of Peccioli
    Status: on going
    Design: TAMassociati
    Consultants: Buro Milan (Structural engineering) Climosfera srl (MEP)