WINNING PROJECT – Biennale Architettura Pisa

We are honored to have been chosen as WINNERS OF THE 2023 BIENNALE ARCHITETTURA PISA with our project for the construction of two professional training centers in Darfur, Sudan!

This fifth edition of the Biennial addresses the theme of the “Shared City” and in particular the way in which the architect and his work can contribute positively to a more balanced society. The Jury believed that TAMassociati’s project was able to “affirm the basic role of architecture and living environments for the purposes of social rebalancing”.

In fact, from the beginning of the planning of the Centres, our objective was to create spaces that could support economic growth through the professional training of young Sudanese people (with a capacity of around 480 students per year), also meeting the demand for specialized profiles from local companies.

At the same time, the architectural choices are also a response to environmental sustainability objectives through solutions that allow the building’s passivity to be maximized and its ability to respond effectively to the local climate. Furthermore, the buildings and open spaces are structured to become social hubs, a significant aspect in an area characterized by a strong presence of internally displaced people and refugees.

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