A new masterplan for a sustainable future: the Complete Communites of Kinyinya Hill

Green City Kigali

Royal institute of British Architects (RIBA) International Design Competition: finalist

The defining context of our times is a great volatility in climatic, economic and social conditions. It demands a fundamental rethinking of the design of our environments and the management of our resources. Our design proposal envisioned a successful new city in Kinyinya Hill that embraced this challenge and inspired a new way of thinking about how we build cities and places – systemic, incremental, creative, human, and ultimately in balance with both people and planet. This was our interpretation of the brief for Green City Kigali. Our vision for Kinyinya Hill signaled a next step in the urbanisation of Rwanda, building ‘complete communities’ in a forward-looking, culturally relevant and context responsive model of urbanism. ‘Complete communities’ in the sense of being inclusive and integrated, inscribing dynamism and self-sufficiency across every neighborhood of Kinyinya Hill for an open, flexible and sustainable future. At capacity, the new city was designed to provide affordable housing for an economically diverse and integrated society, enabling its citizens to participate in a strong local economy. The new city was designed to be an intense and vital place, teeming with social activity, supported by livelihood opportunities, and well-connected to its wider city and beyond. Inspired by Rwandans’ commitment to smart growth, the green city would leverage technology and connectivity to accelerate development objectives, deliver city services, and expand economic opportunity in sectors such as agroforestry, construction, and the green economy.

  • Place: Kigali, Rwanda
    Client: Rwanda Green Fund [FONERWA]
    Status: finalist
    Design: Arup, TAMassociati, ASA Studio, Design Space Africa