From industrial area to agro-electric ecosystem

New energy spaces.

In 2050 the world population is projected to reach 9.7 billion. The production of healthy, ecological, Km0 food will become a central issue: to respond to these growing needs, it will be necessary to experiment with new cultivation methods and new agricultural plot.

In this scenario, this project proposes the innovative integration between energy production and agri-food production: the hybridization of a large industrial complex with an innovative cultivation system in hydroponic greenhouses.

A concrete response to the need for food (healthy, abundant and virtuous) and the redevelopment of large industrial areas. The project expands the boundaries of the intervention with a systemic approach, and suggests a set of impactful actions to implement the response to the SDGs: an approach to maximize the synergies between Enel’s business culture and the landscape transformation proposed by the competition.

The project will be a landmark capable of conveying, with concrete actions, the company vision and will become a pilot project for integrated environmental redevelopment processes. Starting again from clean energy and healthy food will allow a process of rebirth of the image and identity of this place, stimulating a new sense of appropriation.

  • Place: Fusina (VE), Italy
    Client: Competition
    Transizione energetica: concorsi per progettare le Centrali del futuro.
    Status: design proposal
    Design: TAMassociati
    Consultants: Climosfera S.r.L;
    Giuseppe Longhi