“FARE SCUOLA” project with the Reggio Children Foundation

FARE SCUOLA is a joint initiative involving Enel Cuore and the Fondazione Reggio Children: Since 2015, the FARE SCUOLA project has been promoting change in kindergartens and primary schools in Italy, starting with the rethinking of some spaces intended as places of learning and relationships.

In full coherence with the fourth of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for quality, equitable and inclusive education, the project started from the pedagogical experience of Reggio Emilia and led to the creation of a total 92 interventions.

TAMassociati has collaborated in the realization of one of these interventions: the redevelopment of the multipurpose hall of the Municipality of Norcia.

The project aims to give the space a unique identity, conveying a feeling of spaciousness and enhancing natural light. The Multipurpose Room has been designed and organized into micro-areas with different characters, so as to be able to host differentiated and separable activities thanks to mobile curtains.

To achieve the objectives, simple but highly effective tools have been identified: mirrored surfaces, movable curtains, differentiated lights.

The ultimate goal is to convey a sense of welcome and to arouse emotions of wonder – “meraviglia”:
– the entrance area, characterized by two elements of great impact: the «infinite bookcase» and the «mirroring ceiling»;
– the second part of the room is conceived as a succession of micro areas: the soft area for reading and relaxation, the laboratory activity area and the projection area.

  • Place: Norcia, PG, Italy
    Client: Fondazione Reggio Children and Enel Cuore Onlus
    Status: realized in 2022
    Concept Design and Preliminary Design: TAMassociati