Inclusive Bassano along the river

The new Cultural Centre Villa Angaran San Giuseppe, Bassano Del Grappa

Listening to the past, understanding the present, collectivizing the future.

From an abandoned place rich in history, Bassano’s new “mill of ideas” will be able to rise: a home for the city where young people, professionists, artists and students will be able to develop innovative projects, in an atmosphere of great collaboration and encounter with people in a highly vulnerable situation.

Villa Angaran San Giuseppe in Bassano del Grappa is a large monumental complex, which after years of abandonment, has been undergoing an architectural and community renewal in the last 7 years, following the principles of social inclusion and citizenship development.

In this renovated context there is a 550-square-meter building called the Salone Lungobrenta. The Salone, once a mill, then a stable, and then a large building for spiritual formation, has long been abandoned and is in a dilapidated and degraded state, vandalized, dangerous, and with a very bad impact on the landscape.

For over 2 years, twenty representatives of the Bassano community, coordinated by TAMassociati and Rete Pictor, have been working in a participatory design process to identify a new life for the structure, in line with the principles of taking care in architecture.

Shared ideas and common commitment, to redevelop a degraded area and build the future of the City, in a multifunctional building where public, private, schools and institutions will co-participate in activities and projects, experimenting with a new, complex and multidisciplinary way of being citizens.

  • Place: Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza
    Client: Villa Angaran San Giuseppe, Rete Pictor
    Status: on going
    Design: TAMassociati
    Consultants: Buro Milan (Structural engineering) Climosfera srl (MEP)