Renovation of a historic building: Palazzo Ciopeta

Assignment: Architectural design for the renovation of a historic building in Verona, Italy
Services: Concept design, Preliminary design, Detailed design, Construction site management

Palazzo Ciopeta is a historic nineteenth century building in the centre of Verona, northern Italy, which needed renovation after a period of neglect. We did this by respecting the existing structure, adapting it to modern standards and enhancing its beauty through the use of natural earth pigments.

Verona has a long tradition in the production of pigments, and in order to maintain this continuity, the renovation project focused on the chromatic richness of the natural earths of the area. Brentonico green earth pigment has been used for the exterior, while seven different earth pigments have been used for the seven interior apartments, from Pozzuoli red earth to Siena natural earth and Nicosia green earth.

The ground floor will be used for restaurant activities in continuity with the historic “Ciopeta” restaurant, while the basement will serve the restaurant with staff changing rooms, a storage room and two tasting rooms. Finally, the upper floors have been converted into 7 apartments that will be used as residences. Each of them is characterised by a different natural soil (Pozzuoli red earth, red earth, terra d’ombra, yellow earth, Brentonico green earth and Nicosia green earth) and its particular colour, welcoming the guest in a total chromatic experience.

The renovation of this historic building not only gives it new life, but contributes to the redevelopment of the area in which it is located, while maintaining a close relationship with the tradition, materials and colours of its territory.

  • Place: Verona, Italy
    Client: ISSR SRL
    Status: completed in Semptember 2023
  • Design: TAMassociati
    Consultants: ing. Francesco Steffinlongo (Structural engineering) K&G Progetti (Mechanical Engineering), Studio Ghetti e Formignani (Electrical Engineering), Marcello Chiarenza (Artworks), Attico Interni (Furnishing), Davide Groppi (Light design), Dolci Colori