Palazzo Ciopeta. La casa delle Terre

Renovation project for a nineteenth-century building in the historic center of Verona, recovered after a period of abandonment, enhancing it through the use of earth and natural colours.

Verona has a long tradition of pigment production, and to maintain this continuity we revolved the renovation project around the chromatic richness of the natural lands of this area. Brentonico green earth was used for the exteriors, while in the seven internal apartments seven different earths were used, from Pozzuoli red earth, to natural Siena earth, to Nicosia green earth.

As regards the redevelopment of the building, the ground floor will be used for catering activities (in continuity with the historic “Ciopeta” restaurant), including spaces for tasting in the basement, while on the upper floors there will be accommodation used for residences.

The result is a functional building that contributes to redeveloping the area in which it is located, but which maintains a close connection with the tradition, materials and colors of its territory.

  • Place: Verona, Italy
    Client: ISSR SRL
    Status: completed in Semptember 2023
  • Design: TAMassociati
    Consultants: ing. Francesco Steffinlongo (Structural engineering) K&G Progetti (Mechanical Engineering), Studio Ghetti e Formignani (Electrical Engineering), Marcello Chiarenza (Artworks), Attico Interni (Furnishing), Davide Groppi (Light design), Dolci Colori